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Good Quality Rolls and Sheets for Packing

If you deliver fragile goods to your customers, you might need good quality rolls and wraps that provide an additional layer of security over the boxes in which you deliver your goods. Also, to add layers to your packaging you will need sheets of thermocol or plastic corrugated sheets so that different goods can fit in a single box. It increases efficiency and safety of the boxes as well as the contents. We provide you with various high quality rolls and sheets for all your packaging needs.

A Wide Range of Safe, Secure and Efficient Rolls and Sheets

When it comes to delivering orders comprising bulk items, we need extra protection from external forces. The best way to ensure that is to nicely wrap the products with bubble wrap and place them in corrugated sheets for added safety.

We offer air bubble wraps that absorb a good amount of external pressure on the boxes and keep the goods safe and secure. We also provider stretch rolls which come out very smoothly and easily wrap around goods. It is also highly stretchable and can wrap comfortably on goods of different shapes and sizes. This keeps the good safe and prevents damage in case of mishandling (to some extent). Due to this, the customers are able to get products that are free from damages. DCGpac offers all kinds of air bubble rolls and stretch wraps to fit your needs and requirements.

When delivering small goods together in a large box, we might need to separate them from each other while keeping them from colliding and breaking. For that purpose, we need either thermocol sheets or plastic corrugated sheets that will provide proper partitioning of goods. These sheets can also be used as layer pads for packaging bulk goods. They are even good for added safety as container flooring which will ensure the goods are properly placed inside the box. For various electronic goods, thermocol sheets are used to add cushioning layers inside the box. We also deliver corrugated sheets which are a lot cheaper than large boxes. They are highly recommended for internal packaging and also for separating layers on skids. Also the best part is that these corrugated sheets are eco-friendly and does not harm the nature like other plastic packaging materials.

Buy Rolls and Sheets Online at Low Prices

DCGpac offers all kinds of rolls, wraps and sheets for various needs at astonishingly low prices. We also make quick deliveries and deliver it just a few days after you place your order with us. We make sure the quality of all these packaging materials remain higher than the industry standards and help you in delivering all your orders to the customers in a safe and secure condition. We are one of the largest packaging materials suppliers online in India and strive to make sure that all our customers are well served so that they can serve their customers even better.